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Pure Sports provides knee supports for running, and while we will examine each type of support in more detail below we have provided this at a glance guide of our knee supports, both the brace/sleeve and booster (each support comes in a pair):

 Knee Supports for Running
Knee Booster for Running

Pure Sports Knee Support (Pair)

$13.98 after discount

Pure Sports Knee Support (Pair)

$13.98 after discount

Pure Sports Knee Support (Pair)

$13.98 after discount

Pure Sports Knee Support (Pair)

$13.98 after discount


Running is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy, with runners enjoying the benefits of increased endurance, better fitness and the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors!

However, running is a very stressful activity on the body so runners can be subject to injuries, especially in the knee and ankle joints.

Knee Injuries in Runners

Runners are vulnerable to a number of different injuries, especially if there is inadequate warm-up and cool down or training intensity suddenly increases.

One of the most common ailments in runners is “Runner’s Knee,” which is also known as patella-femoral pain syndrome (PFPS).

Runner’s Knee occurs when the kneecap (patella) doesn’t track properly, resulting in pain either under, slightly above or below the kneecap.

It can be caused by a number of different factors, including muscular problems if the quadriceps are weak and hamstrings too tight to support the patella sufficiently.

It could also be a bio-mechanical issue, or caused by knee cartilage becoming worn so shock absorption is reduced. Poor running shoes can also be a factor.

The symptoms often include pain during running, after covering a certain distance and tenderness just above the knee joint. The pain can be exaggerated by increased hill work (especially down-hill), and running on tough ground conditions such as roads and countryside paths.

Symptoms vary per individual; some may experience sharp and sudden pain and others dull and chronic for different periods of time.

Runner’s Knee is not the only knee injury that runners are vulnerable to, as they can suffer from knee sprains, IT Band Syndrome and Patellar Tendinitis among others.

Why use a Knee Support for Running?

Knee injuries, including runner’s knee can be managed by strengthening the quadriceps and stretching the hamstrings.

A good quality knee support can also help to manage knee injuries, as well as reducing recovery times and assisting in preventing further injury.

A good support will give extra support for the knee joint whilst also providing comfortable compression to help reduce swelling. Knee supports can also be used in training to support the joint against extra impact from hard ground and increased exercise.

Types of Knee Supports for Running

Our Team has developed high quality knee supports, whether the knee booster or the knee sleeve/brace, which can both be used to manage knee injuries caused by running.

The main type of knee support is the Closed Patella Knee Support. This support covers the entire knee joint, with the main difference being that a Closed Patella Knee Support consists of a continuous sleeve of reinforced material, while an Open Patella Knee Support leaves the patella (or kneecap) uncovered at the front of the knee.

Closed Patella Knee Supports for Running

Closed Patella Support

Pure Sports Knee Support - $13.98 after discount

This Knee Sleeve Support is our most popular knee support for running.

The support is made from high quality material for compression and heat retention. This means that the support retains body heat to warm the knee joint and improve blood circulation.

It is easy to slip on and off and is designed to stay in place and provide superior support during the longest of training runs.

The Pure Sports Knee Support is available for only $13.98 after the discount.


Buy the Pure Sports Closed Patella Knee Support


Closed Patella Support

A product in the Pure Sports range in the Closed Patella Knee Support.

Closed Patella Knee Support - $13.98 after discount.

All Extreme supports are made from high quality material, which keeps the skin dry with a series of grooves and venting holes that work in a revolutionary pumping action. This reduces excess heat and sweat which enhances comfort and stops your support from becoming hot and sticky.

The versatile nature of the support means that it can be used to help with a range of different knee injuries with stretch fabric for ease of wear and comfort.

The Extreme Closed Patella Knee Support is available for $13.98 after discount.


Buy the Pure Sports Closed Patella Knee Support


All Pure Sports Knee Supports are carefully designed by medical professionals to relieve pain, prevent further injury and provide optimal wearing comfort.

With a range of sizes to accommodate all individuals, make sure you are well supported so you can perform at your best whatever your level of training.

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